Bi-State Compressor’s 2016 Blogging Year in Review

Dec 02, 2016

In 2016, Bi-State shared a series of articles pertaining to the power and importance of compressed air. Today, we celebrate this documented journey; join us as we look back on our blogging year in review…

work safety

The Importance of Workplace Safety

More than 4,000 workers are killed on the job each year. As a result, achieving better workplace safety is critical to reducing and even eliminating this horrifying statistic. Read our thoughts here.

Green light bulb showing idea for cost savings - Energy efficient air compressors

How to Save Money With an Energy Efficient Air Compressor

In an age where energy efficiency at on the top of everyone’s minds, we discuss how compressed air may just be the renewable answer consumers and industries are looking for.

Air Compressor Types

Understanding the Difference Between Types of Air Compressors

Bi-State Compressor Incorporated sells a large variety of air compressors. Click to learn the keys differences between our in-stock models.


Industry Spotlight: Theme Parks - Compressed Air and Roller Coasters

Learn how a series of air compressors keep the rides at your favorite theme parks up and running.

Air compressors in the food & beverage industry are used often in place such as bakeries.

Keep your air compression equipment in premium shape with a compressed air audit

Your air compressor will only run as well as you allow it to. Keep your equipment running smoothly by conducting routine system audits.

Healthcare Industry

Industry Spotlight: Medical Air Compressors in the Healthcare Industry

In the medical industry, compressed air is vital to delivering life-saving care to the millions of patients who require treatment.

Three Ways To Improve Your Business Through Better Compressed Air Energy Efficiency

Three Ways To Improve Your Business Through Better Compressed Air Energy Efficiency

Compressed air is used throughout millions of businesses and industries spanning the globe. Follow these three tips to maintain the best air compressor efficiency.

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