Compressed Air Filtration Technologies

Bi-State Compressor is proud to offer Del-Monox air purifiers and other air filtration technologies to meet the needs of your facility. When used as directed, Del-Monox purifiers supply air that meets OSHA Grade D and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) maximum allowable contaminant levels for compressed breathing air. The quality of the inlet air to the compressor will affect the efficiency of the breathing air purifiers. The compressor intake must be located in an environment that is not oxygen deficient and does not contain excessive levels of carbon monoxide. To meet the OSHA standards of 10 ppm maximum allowable concentration of CO at the system outlet, CO at the inlet must not exceed 200 ppm. To meet CSA standards of 5ppm maximum concentration at the outlet, the inlet concentration must not exceed 100 ppm of CO.

Deltech is committed to setting a standard of excellence in today’s marketplace for quality compressed air solutions and air filtration options. As a leader within the industry, Deltech is dedicated to further implementing innovative air treatment products inspired by our valued customers.

At Bi-State Compressor, we offer the most innovative, reliable, and economical solutions for your industry. We’re happy to discuss your facility’s specific requirements and give you the best equipment available on the market today. If you need assistance determining which system is right for your business, please call us at 636-349-8333 or fill out our contact form. We’re happy to help. 


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Compressed Air Filtration Technologies

In order to reduce the levels of CO, the Del-Monox system makes precise use of technology, utilizing catalytic conversion towers to change CO into CO2. This is a process that can be hampered when the relative humidity in the airstream increases, which is why every Del-Monox system is built with proven compressed air dehydration techniques to protect the catalytic converter from moisture.

The engineered system uses six stages of purification to ensure that air output achieves the required specified air quality levels.
  • Step 1: The one micron general purpose filter removes both solid and liquid contaminates.
  • Step 2: The 0.01 micron high efficiency coalescing type oil removal filter removes virtually all liquid oil aerosols.
  • Step 3: The Deltech Pressure Swing Regenerative Desiccant Dryer reduces the moisture levels to ensure the proper effective operation of the catalyst bed.
  • Step 4: The Catalytic Converter lowers the concentrations of CO by converting it to CO2.
  • Step 5: A particulate afterfilter removes contaminates one micron and larger from the airstream.
  • Step 6: Finally, the activated carbon filter removes oil vapor and any undesirable odors from the airstream.

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