Industrial Air Compressors: Their Vital Role in Manufacturing

May 15, 2017

Industrial Air Compressor hardware

The modern manufacturing industry couldn’t survive without one essential tool: industrial air compressors. This safe, durable piece of machinery allows manufacturers in various fields to do their work effectively. Here’s how...

Various Categories and Models of Industrial Air Compressors Make Manufacturing Possible

If you’ve ever inflated your car’s tires at a gas station or used canned air to clean your keyboard, you’ve used simplified versions of compressed air. On a grander scale, however, industrial air compressors make some of the largest tasks possible.There are several different types of air compressors, each with varying sizes and power supplies – enough to fill an air mattress or supply pressurized air to a large manufacturing facility.

Generally, air compressors are grouped into three categories in terms of function: consumer grade, professional grade and industrial grade. As far as design goes, there are two main models manufacturers rely on: the reciprocating piston and the rotary screw. Whatever the model, these sturdy, reliable machines require much less maintenance than electric tools .

These Vital Tools have Developed Over Time as Industrial Needs Have Progressed

Before the development of air compression technology, human beings had only their lungs to stoke the fires of manufacturing. Bellows, invented around 1500 BC, helped us along, but creating a reliable source of air was still labor-intensive. To fulfill our needs for forged metal, it was largely human brawn that kept industry moving for centuries. It wasn’t until 1776 that a blowing device, an early prototype for a mechanical air compressor, was developed by an industrialist named John Wilkinson. More industrialists took notice and began to develops this new technology. Soon, air compressors were used in metal working and mining to create a safer, more efficient environment.

In our fast-paced society, we use compressed air for nearly every aspect of industry. Like water or electricity, it’s simply essential for smooth factory operation .

Air Compressors have Several Applications in Manufacturing

It might surprise you just how many different applications there are for this indispensable tool. Just consider how primitive our world would be without the following industries:

  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Processing and packaging consumer goods
  • Plastics, silicone, rubber, and metal fabrication
  • Transportation, including aerospace and automotive services
  • Cement production, glass blowing, general construction
  • Mining processes
  • Farming and dairy production

Whether it’s a roofing contractor using a nail gun, a metal-worker sandblasting in a machine shop, or a farmer spraying crops, American workers rely on industrial air compressors. From auto services to dental services, compressed air keeps things working safely and effectively.

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