Industry Spotlight: How Automotive Painters Harness the Power of Compressed Air

June 01, 2016

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Chances are, when you hopped into your car to make your morning commute today, you were joined by countless other drivers traveling to work. On most days, you probably don’t pay attention to how the vehicles around you look – the shape of their paint job, for instance. Are the paint strokes even? Are there any blemishes?

For automotive painters, however, this is all they see when a car drives by.

What is an automotive painter?

An automotive painter is the person at an auto body shop who is responsible for preparing a vehicle to be painted, preparing the paint to be applied and applying the paint to the vehicle’s body panels. Automotive painters must have steady hands and precision tools in order to complete their job properly; a single mistake could result in sanding down an entire body panel, re-priming it and painting it again.

Why do automotive painters use compressed air?

Compressed air offers automotive painters many benefits that they would not receive with other painting applicators.

By connecting a paint spray gun to an air compressor via an air hose, the painter is able to spray clean, consistent strokes of paint on a vehicle’s body, ensuring a nice finish that’s guaranteed to leave the owner happy.

Using this method of painting is also much easier to clean up after the job has been completed. Without the need to rinse out brushes and other painting tools, automotive painters can simply remove their gun trigger from the paint container, and they’re done.

Due to these key benefits, compressed air helps painters make quick work of their projects while maintaining the type of quality car owners expect from a brand new paint job. All it takes is the right air compressor to ensure that the air driving the paint remains clean and constant.

Which air compressor is best for automotive painters?

Air compressors utilized by automotive painters must be free of debris and spray evenly every time they are used. According to our friends at Quincy Compressor , both rotary screw compressors and reciprocating compressors have their benefits and drawbacks, when it comes to automotive painting. The model you choose will ultimately depend on your price, maintenance and portability needs.

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