Industry Spotlight: Medical Air Compressors in the Healthcare Industry

Sept. 30, 2016

Healthcare IndustryAir is comforting, familiar, constant — it’s all around us, and that’s exactly the way we like it.

But when it comes to compressed air, you don’t always get a clean combination of H2O.

For the same reason your car and your home require an air filter, a vast amount of the air around you is filled with an unlimited supply of contaminants. The most common offenses range from minor impurities, such as allergen spores and pet dander, to more severe toxins like carbon monoxide and particle pollution.

In many cases where compressed air is utilized, these impurities are negligible; it doesn’t really matter if allergens get pumped into your car tire or jettisoned through your power washer. When it comes to air that’s used throughout sterilized medical centers, however, the oxygen quality has to be pristine.

As a result, medical air compressors are a valuable commodity coveted by all hospitals from coast to coast.

How is air from medical air compressors purified?

Unlike their tire-filling counterparts, medical air compressors have the specific job of channeling only the cleanest air for whatever tasks arise. In order to do so, these machines must achieve an ISO (International Standards Organization) quality rating of 1.2.0 or better.

In technical terms, this rating means that a single cubic meter of air cannot exceed 400 particle pollutants while maintaining a pressure dew point of -40 degrees Fahrenheit or better with no present water atoms and zero milligrams of oil particles.

In order to achieve such strict results, medical air compressors contain a series of filters and membranes tasked with catching everything from larger contaminants to smaller vapors and even bacterial microbes.

What are compressors used for in the healthcare industry?

Air compressors, such as the ones sold through Bi-State, are more common in the healthcare industry than you may realize.

For instance, when you go to the dentist, the chair you recline back in and the tools used to clean your teeth are all powered by air. Ventilators and oxygen masks used to help hospital patients breathe are compressor-based. Even the generators that keep the power on in the event of a severe storm run on compressed air.

Without medical air compressors, all exceeding the aforementioned health ratings, 136.3 million Americans – or nearly half of the nation’s population – would be at risk of dying every year.

Quality Air From a Brand You Trust

In our profession, Bi-State understands that harnessing the power of air is about more than just pumping up a tire or painting a car with an air gun (although we like to help do these things, too). In many cases, the products we sell save lives.

Our clients know this, too. Many of them rely on their compressors to perform safely and consistently for the benefit of their patients. One mistake or oversight with a compressor’s build quality or filtration system could cause devastation. That’s why we take compressed air so seriously; it’s also whywe only sell the most reliable air compressors on the planet.

Do you have any questions about compressed air? Maybe you’d like to lease one of our superior products before you buy? Bi-State can help you with all of these. Simply reach out to us using any of the methods located here. We look forward to speaking with you.

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