Air Compressor Auditing System

Quincy Compressor has developed an Air Auditing System that accurately analyzes your system and makes recommendations based upon your needs.

Unlike most of the competition, the EQ Analyzer™ performs all of the following system diagnostics:

  • Accurately Analyzes Existing Compressor Performance
  • Accurately Analyzes Existing Air Treatment Equipment
  • Calculates Waste In The System
  • Allows Multiple ‘What if’ Scenarios To Determine The Optimum Proposed Compressed Air System Arrangement
  • Performs A Financial Analysis Based On Recommended Upgrades

You will be given a very in-depth report based specifically on your total compressed air system, showing your actual air usage, including the flows at specific operation times, costly pressure and purge loss, operating costs for the whole system, and a Costed Action Plan. This Action Plan will also include a Return on Investment, showing the payback when the recommendations in the plan are implemented.

Please contact us and we will schedule an Air Audit as quickly as possible.