Ohio Medical Oil Free Systems Ohio Medical Oil Free Systems

Ohio Medical has operated for the past 45 years on the principles of innovation and integrity. It is the mission statement of Ohio Medical Corporation to be recognized by the customer as the most progressive enterprise in the respiratory medical and industrial gas/vacuum delivery systems market. They will serve their customers world-wide with innovative quality products while supporting them with outstanding service. As a company, Ohio Medical strives to understand their customer’s needs, their expectations and to honor them with respect and integrity.

Ohio Medical is committed to the highest standards of quality because a patient’s safety and well-being in critical situations is integrally connected to their ability to produce products that work safely, reliably and effectively. Ohio Medical is committed to meeting or exceeding the regulatory standards in the countries where they make and sell their products. They exhibit this commitment in everything they do, including the hiring and training a staff of talented employees whose attitudes toward quality mirrors that of Ohio Medical, and by maintaining a state of the art facility where they spearhead the latest in innovation and development.