The Importance of Workplace Safety

March 24, 2016

work safetyWe at Bi-State have a commitment to safety. Not only is workplace safety smart business, as it reduces costs associated with insurance and injury, but it is the right way to operate in an industry in which a workplace injury can be devastating. We started off small and we built our business on the core tenets of excellent service, quality products and the commitment to doing things the right way, not only for our customers but for our employees as well. Above all, our employees matter to us most, because without our valued hardworking staff we wouldn’t be able to provide serves to our loyal customers. We pay so much attention to our internal processes, including training and safety, to ensure our work for our clients runs as smooth as possible.

We believe that every company has the responsibly to protect their employees against any and all health and safety hazards at work. While all work places have their hazards that exist, employees should know about all potential hazards before day one on the job. Some hazards are easily identified and corrected, while some will make the job dangerous. In order to care for our employees properly we provide training, education, and keep our works environment as safe as possible.

Workplace Safety and How We Prevent Dangerous Situations

Here are many types of workplaces hazards. Physical hazards are the most common in workplaces with machinery. Examples include unguarded machinery, exposed moving parts, electrical chords, noise, vibrations, and ladders, working from heights, spills, and tripping.

Ergonomic hazards are also an issue in factory settings. These types of situations occur when an employee’s body position is put into strain from the job. Sometimes these hazards are difficult to identify or prevent, especially in a new position. Examples include: poor lighting, improper adjusted workstations, manual labor, repetitive movements and frequent lifting.

Reporting Hazards:
Everyone at our company shares the responsibility of ensuring that their work environment is safe. If anyone is aware of a hazard we properly report the problem to be addressed right away. Once a hazard has been identified, we take the responsibility to eliminate it seriously.

Consistent workplace inspections are another important factor in preventing injuries in the workplace. By critically examining all aspects of the workplace, inspections identify and record hazards that must be fixed.

A proper inspection includes:

  • Listening to the concerns of all employees
  • Gathering a complete understanding of the hazard
  • Determining causes or underlining reasons
  • Recommending a correction action

At Bi-State Compressor, Inc. we take safety very seriously and want the absolute best for our employees. All of our employees have undergone Factory Training and we adhere to the highest of standards that are set forth by Quincy Compressor. At Bi-State Compressor, you can see that our values of excellent service, quality products and the commitment to doing things the right way carry over into everything we do.

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