Three Ways To Improve Your Business Through Better Compressed Air Energy Efficiency

October 31, 2016

Three Ways To Improve Your Business Through Better Compressed Air Energy Efficiency

In the age of alternative energy, organizations everywhere are trying to find that unique blend between being more cost effective and reducing negative impact on the environment, all while increasing profit margins. You may have even heard about many of these alternatives: solar power, hydroelectricity and natural gas, just to name a few.

But when was the last time you considered how your business utilizes compressed air? The truth is that gains acquired through proper compressed air energy efficiency have the ability to help you save money while getting more done; all it takes is a bit of creativity…

Understand Your Air Compressor

The first step to learning how to harness the complete potential of your air compressor is knowing its shortcomings. For example, the average air compressor is capable of producing up to 80 percent of the electric energy it takes in to create that air. That means the typical ways air compressors are used various organizations costs more money to run than its compressed air product is worth.

With these quick, tips, however, you may be able to reduce or completely eliminate the remaining 20 percent of lost energy.

Three Ways To Improve Your Compressed Air Energy Efficiency

Tip #1: Harness Energy “Waste”

It has been determined that 100 percent of the energy produced by rotary screw air compressors, such as those sold through Bi-State, is converted into heat. While 96 percent of this heat can be harnessed in the form of usable energy, the remaining 4 percent is typically exhausted from the compressor as waste. This doesn’t have to be the case, though! Instead, this 4 percent of exhausted heat can be captured and rerouted to ensure that all energy from such a compressor can be effectively utilized.

Tip #2: Store Energy Properly

Consider this: 100 percent of your stored energy is only 100 percent useful if 100 percent of it remains safely locked within your air compressor storage system.

Unfortunately, neglected hose and valve leaks, over-pressurization and a general lack of compressor maintenance causes businesses to lose tens of thousands of dollars in stored energy every year. For the largest return on investment, consider investing in a maintenance strategy; Bi-State’s air compressor maintenance services can help detect vulnerabilities in your system and correct them before the problem escalates.

Tip #3: Under Pressure

Like the air filter on your automobile, the filter on your air compressor should be replaced regularly. By doing so, you reduce the chance of pressure decreases throughout your system, a circumstance that will otherwise raise the energy consumption of your compressor while reducing the amount of energy it can actively store.

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