Industry Spotlight: A Construction Air Compressor and the Tools it Powers

Jan 05, 2017

Industry Spotlight: A Construction Air Compressor and the Tools it Powers

Construction Air Compressors

Air — it’s all around us. You feel it as a storm blows in from the west. You put it into your tires to keep your car rolling down the interstate. You breathe it into your lung and exhale. While a small amount of air can barely blow out a candle, large quantities can move the earth itself — this is the power a construction air compressor possesses.

Benefits of Air-Powered Tools

With the help of compressed air, construction workers all across the world are able to utilize air-powered tools, known as pneumatic tools, to get work done. Unlike their electric- or gasoline-powered counterparts, pneumatic tools are usually lighter to hold, yet they are equally as powerful. This is largely due to the fact that pneumatic tools don’t require engines or heavy batteries in order to exert their energy. As a result, pneumatic tools are easier and cheaper to maintain over time.

Types of Tools Powered by a Construction Air Compressor

While pneumatic tools may not have been the most popular option when they were invented in the 19th century , manufacturers have long recognized the benefits they bring to modern construction. Subsequently, nearly every valuable tool in a construction worker’s arsenal comes in a pneumatic version. Some of the most popular industrial-grade pneumatic tools include: jackhammers, sandblasters, nail guns, air saws and more.

Harness the Power of Air

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