Keep your air compression equipment in premium shape with a compressed air audit

Sept. 7, 2016

Air compressors in the food & beverage industry are used often in place such as bakeries.

Similar to the engine in your car, each Quincy air compressor from Bi-State has various valves, ports, pistons and bearings, all entrusted to perform with the dependable precision you expect from a Quincy product. A failure within one of these components –– even minor in nature –– could be disastrous for both your machinery and your wallet.

By regularly conducting a compressed air audit on your equipment, you will ensure that your air compressor stays in proper physical shape while also providing optimal power efficiency for your work output.

What is a compressed air audit?

A compressed air audit is a specialized test designed to measure the overall health of your air compressor. However, unlike many standard tests that can only examine one or two aspects of your compression system, Quincy’s compressed air audit, known as the EQ Analyzer™, can measure up to five different metrics at a time, including:

  • Compressor performance
  • Existing air treatment equipment
  • Waste in the system
  • “What if” scenarios to determine the best proposed compressed air system arrangement
  • Financial benefits of recommended component upgrades

By identifying these five key attributes, the overall health of your Quincy air compressor can be analyzed to determine if your machinery could benefit from preventative maintenance or a new-part upgrade. Most importantly, a compressed air audit of this depth will help you understand how well your equipment is running and if it could possibly operate any better.

When should a compressed air audit be conducted?

The frequency at which your air compressor should be audited depends solely on how often you utilize your equipment.

For standard-use situations, we recommend that you have your machinery inspected at least once a year. For compressors that operate in extreme conditions or under heavy workloads, we recommend a bi-annual checkup, preferably at the end of summer and winter. This way, you ensure that any cracked hoses, leaky valves and issues with moving parts are located and repaired in a cost-effective manner.

Who can conduct a compressed air audit?

No one knows the ins and outs of your air compressor better than the industry experts. At Bi-State Compressor Inc., each of our technicians are certified to work on Quincy Compressor’s line of products. This also means that Bi-State has the knowledge, equipment and authorization to conduct a Quincy EQ AnalyzerTM compressed air audit.

Give your air compressor the check-up it deserves before problems arise. Go online or pick up the phone to schedule a compressed air audit from Bi-State today.

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